April 4, 2023

Data Engine Overhaul

Full overhaul won’t be apparent until next release

-Now storing connection partner data in a table

-Using only Verifast tags across the board; partner tags/categories/attributes map to Verifast tags

-Ability for internals to create categories for filtering and display purposes

-Ability for internals to assign keywords/transactions to tags, with the system learning from these inputs

MX Connection Partner Integration

Added MX as a connection partner, full functionality won’t be apparent until next release

-Allow bank connects through MX

-Seamlessly add more than one bank connection at a time

-All current data points in webhook functioning with MX data

-Functional with income source module

Simple Verification Flow

-Added ability for the following connect combinations:

  • two employments
  • one bank one employment
  • one employment 2 banks
  • 2 banks

Broker Engagement Module

-Clear statuses in broker dashboard

-Minor bugfixes for buttons on dashboard

Identity Verification

-Added a flag to ignore stated name/ID name verification failures when giving Verified status on an ID connect

-Ability to force Verify/Fail an ID verification

Bank Statement OCR/Upload

-Internal tools for much faster problem resolution

-QA check for pages counted between uploaded document and outputted data page count

Report Updates

-Major streamlining and restructuring of the report overview

-Tooltips in the report overview detailing what each parameter means

-Clicking on the parameters that note transaction counts (Pets, NSF, Utility payments) opens a popup with the transactions listed

-Commas and dollar signs now shown on all values inside reports

Income Source Module-Now being stored in a separate table for much more efficient access

-Only sources from the last 90 days will be counted for a valid income source

-Added to simple verification flow webhooks

-Greatly expanded income source detection

-Gov. and Other income types now require naming when verifying income source

-Updated phone number to show correct formatting

-Added API parameters to make supervisor details and start date of an income source required on a per-session basis

-Employment connections now appear as income sources

Transaction Module

-Underwriters can now ‘resubmit’ files to a report to populate it with new data, without making a new report

-Fixed crash on downloading excel

-All fields in downloadable excel now follow a formula, allowing for changing base values in excel and still having valid calculations

-Fixed issues with external ID covering Reviewer

API Updates

New endpoint search-by-email

-Allows pinging organizational database to verify if a given email exists and is verified as part of organization

General Improvements

-Large income amounts no longer hang in the system

-Changed entire report date format to MM/DD/YYYY

February 27, 2023

Simple Verification Flow

New flow in which applicants are given various options on verification based on their income types and connection availability

-Currently applicants can do either Employment verification or a bank connect

-Several if/fail scenarios to guide applicants with the correct verification for maximal conversion

-Ability to search for employers across several employment connection partners

Broker Engagement Module

New flow in which brokers are integrated into the process

-New Representative/Broker user type

  • Can be assigned to specific applicants, and view their list of applicants in their dashboard
  • Can walk through an application alongside their assigned applicants
  • Can upload files, answer questions, and categorize transactions in the applicants name
  • Read-only assignment included

-New column in applicants table showing representatives assigned to applicants

-Broker displayed in Financial Analysis section (Underwriter Module)

Identity Verification

-New column in applicants table to show new ID verification statuses

-Partner inquiry ID added to logging

Bank Statement OCR/Upload

-Provided support for 3 column bank statements

-Provided support for bank statements with separate tables for credit and debit transactions

-Statement timeframe now showing correctly

-GUI based ability for landlords/underwriters to change text inside bank upload modal

Report Updates

-If report belongs to API applicant, landlords can now view the link to their unique session + the ability to send an email reminder with the link to the applicant

Income Source Module

-Income source module now loads with the rest of the data on the page, and will not show incomplete data until load is completed-Backend re-architected, transactions will never be missing-Income calculations now work correctly, and totals adding up correctly-Console events added to every income source event from render to completion-Pre selected dates and Employment name now removed-Overlap issue with phone and email inputs fixed

-Set Detected as the initial detected income sources for display, and verified for all verified sources-Hitting Enter in the applicant table search bar no longer reloads the page

-Actions button in the income source tab no longer displaces columns-Employment name now a required field

Transaction Module

-Ability for applicants to add adjustments (potential income not reflected in list of transactions)

-Visual update to aggregate table

-Visual update to application side tables and filtering

-Underwriters may now assign themselves reports before transactions are submitted

-Downloadable excel aggregate numbers now work off of formulae

API Updates

-Fixed question headers not appearing inside API applications

-Callback URL pre-populates in API Demo tool

-Underwriters may now send follow-up notifications for transaction confirmation

-Grossed-up income now sent as part of banking web hook

General Improvements

-Removed partially functional French language toggle while awaiting improvements

-New tab for all Verifast reports under tools

-Removed defunct overview table

-Several miscellaneous fixes for signups

-Successful bank connects should no longer loop back to start

-Removed deprecated information from Internal View