The fastest tool to adjudicate risk and
win new business

VeriFast accelerates the financial screening process by providing digitally confirmed verification in place of self-reported documentation and offers a 360° view of your applicant’s financial qualifications in under three minutes.

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Financial insights
you can bank on.

Get a 360° view of your applicant’s credentials while protecting their privacy and your investment. It’s a win-win.

A rental company made a good move for tenants.

Canci Rentals set out to improve the tenant application experience with better, more accurate financial metrics.

Increased the security and privacy of sensitive data

Streamlined process for applicants and administrators

“The bank check empowers the applicants to control the release of their own information while simplifying the entire process for us.”
Ciana Canci
Canci Rentals
“Having the wrong tenant in a property can create long-term problems. VeriFast allows us to uncover the red flags that credit checks and other verification tools miss.
Jamie Troke
Ekort Property Management

Property managers found the right filter for the job.

By automating their tenant screening process, Ekort Property Management optimized their business model.

Gained valuable insight into their applicant’s financial health

Reduced the time staff spent screening by 70%

Redesigning a clunky and slow application process.

Marda Management set a goal to speed up their rental application process and provide a frictionless application experience.

66% decrease in time spent on verification.

2.5 minute average applicant completion time.

“It literally take two minutes for us to get all of the relevant information to evaluate prospective residents and approve their applications. It’s really is that easy.”
AJ Szulewicz
Northpoint Properties

Run verifications like you run your business—with speed and precision.

A new lease on financial data.

With real-time identity and financial verification, you can screen tenants with a new level of timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Empowering you to quickly lend with confidence.

Simplify the underwriting process with a configurable platform that allows you to reduce risk and compare applicant answers to their bank data to prequalify and approve borrowers faster.

Industry-trusted integration.

Our powerful API provides the building blocks to integrate leading industry tools and leverages our connection with multiple open-banking partners, live chat customer service and technical expertise to ensure we deliver the best user experience for consumers.

Ready, set, get verified.

Whatever your verification needs, we’re ready to help you get started. Schedule a demo today or try VeriCheck™ for instant results.