The Only Fully Inclusive Digital Verification Analytics Platform

We deliver the industry’s only “One Stop Shop” digital platform using multiple direct data sources, securely connecting consumers with the lenders, property owners and financial service providers delivering the high value verification solutions they want and need.

Highest Consumer Opt-In

Our seamless digital platform supports tenant applicants and borrowers to execute secure digital onboarding:

  • Superior User Experience
  • Optimized Process Flows
  • Help Videos, Live Chat Team
  • 80+% Complete Rates


The complete digitally powered platform delivering all your verification analytics requirements in minutes:

  • Secure Consumer Connections
  • Data Enriched Accuracy With Advanced Categorization
  • Bank Statement / Paystub Upload
  • Completed Transactions In Minutes

Detailed Analytics
- Insights

We cross reference hundreds of digital financial, employment and ID data points to drive insights for instant decisioning.

  • Trended Income, Assets, Tax Data
  • Debt Service Calculations & Cashflow Analyses
  • Unique Buying Behavior Analytics
  • 800% Increase In Data Categorization vs. Single Source Solutions

Connect Digitally Through Bank Credentials Or Bank Statement Uploads

Unlock Detailed Insights Into Applicants And Borrowers

All Income Sources
Rent Payment History
Employment & Payroll
NSF/ Overdraft Activity
Account Balances
Pay Day Loan Activity
Spending Patterns
Digital ID
Pet Purchases

Industry Solutions

VeriFast has developed a flexible technology platform delivering industry specific solutions based on unique business process requirements.

Mortgage & Lending

Real-time VOI, VOA, VOE plus cashflow and P&L analyses power your processing and underwriting to the next level.

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Tenant Screening &

Automating tenant screening with real-time Digital ID and Financial Verifications streamlines applicant onboarding in minutes.

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Lijoy Ulahannan - President
Golden Horseshoe Capital
“VeriFast is helping us automate our mortgage underwriting to  achieved 12x ROI”
Michael Beckette - President
M3 Ventures
“In this business, it’s always faster, easier and better to confirm information directly from the source. Verifast’s platform has the ability to benefit brokers and lenders alike.”
Sean J. Gilliland
Denver Real Estate Moguls
“Verifast itemizes the clients financial history, creates more visibility and gives us another avenue to help our clients, who are grateful to see we’re going the extra mile for them to get the correct information.”
Marla Coffin - Founder
Marda Management
“Our ideal goal is to provide a yes or no decision on our most qualified applicants immediately. VeriFast has made that goal possible.”
Sina Shekou- CEO & Founder
“Property managers are spending countless hours chasing down copies of bank statements, pay stubs, and drivers licenses, all of which are easily faked today from a variety of websites. By leveraging Verifast’s suite of verification and identity tools we have eliminated fraud and automated the application process to save property managers time and money.”
Hart Togman - Co-Founder & COO
Rent Panda
“Rent Panda chose VeriFast as a partner, because their market-leading technology allowed our smart tenant screening tool to have advanced functionality built-in to empower landlords to choose the right tenant for their rental - with the gamut of ID verification, income & employment verification, as well as behavioral insights, their technology is second to none and gives us, as well as landlords and investors, a competitive advantage in the rental marketplace.”
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